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Myron Mixon Smokers

American Made Smokers Designed By World Champion Myron Mixon

Myron Mixon, a four-time world barbecue champion and star of the TV series BBQ Pitmasters, wanted to design smokers that could be used by everyday enthusiasts as well as competitive chefs to produce world-class barbecue every single time.

The combination of a seasoned BBQ expert in partnership with a technologically advanced manufacturer has resulted in Myron Mixon Smokers – standard-setting products that are respected, admired, and unequaled in the field of top-notch BBQ.

Visit our store to get personalized help choosing the model that fits your needs best. Whether its in the backyard or in your commercial kitchen, Myron Mixon has a top quality smoker worth putting your money behind.

Watch videos and find more information on product lines below.

Why Choose a Myron Mixon Smokers?

Myron Mixon smokers are made right here in the USA to the standards set by one of the barbecue world's greatest heroes. Myron Mixon cuts no corners, from the insulated, welded, bodies to revolutionary features such as the auto-feed charcoal hopper, you'll find that these smokers are built with both quality and innovation as top priorities.

You can visit our store to see certain models of Myron Mixon smokers, or order yours through us. With years of experience smoking meat and selling barbecue experience, we can set you up to be the barbecue hero of the block or supply you with a smoker for your commercial kitchen. Contact us through the form below and we will be happy to help.

Myron Mixon Walk-Throughs

Myron Mixon G33 Gravity Series Smoker

Myron Mixon Smokers MMS-60 Water Smoker

Explore The Different Styles of Myron Mixon Smokers

Myron Mixon Gravity Fed Smokers

With gravity charcoal smokers from Myron Mixon you set it, then you forget it. The table is set. Family and friends are having fun. And instead of refilling your firebox, you’re joining in – because your Myron Mixon Gravity Feed charcoal smoker is automatically feeding charcoal at the right rate, producing BBQ that everyone will applaud.

Each Gravity Feed Smoker we build features the insulation and workmanship that separate Myron Mixon smokers from the rest. You’ll get superior heat retention, even cooking, and the capacity of a competition-class smoker. You don’t even have to rotate meats. So enjoy the party.

Myron Mixon H2O Water Smokers

With a Myron Mixon H20 Water Smoker, cook hot and fast, or low and slow. The results are always delicious.

The combination of heat and moisture produces amazing BBQ outcomes: Beautiful bark on brisket, crispy skin on chicken and turkey, the perfect texture on ribs. No doubt about it, water smoker BBQ enthusiasts know their approach can win both compliments and competitions.

A Myron Mixon H20 water smoker grill takes water smoking up a notch. Our patented waterpan design and automated water fill system give you the ability to cook fast or slow and still get the moisture content just right. Unmatched heat retention and temperature distribution are even and forgiving, and you don’t have to rotate your proteins. In other words, you’ll go from pit to plate like a seasoned professional.

Myron Mixon BARQ Pellet Grills

The BARQ Pellet Smoker Grill lets you BBQ like a pro and make it look easy.

Here’s how simple it is: Just plug your BARQ Pellet Grill into a power source, load your pellets into the hopper, set the temperature and start the party. While you’re enjoying friends and family, your BARQ electric smoker is hard at work. The results are often heard loudest in the silence that comes when guests are too busy enjoying the food to say much. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the best pellet smoker grill on the market.

Myron Mixon H2O Rotisserie Smokers

The many benefits of our H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is staggering in any commercial application. Whether it’s the gas assist, touch screen control panel to store recipes and cook times, low maintenance or just the overall ease of use. Our Waterpan™ Technology combined with our automated water fill system offer you the opportunity to cook low and slow or hot and fast.

The H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is perfect for serving up that commercial Q that keeps those bbq lovers coming back for more. Fully welded and 100% insulated equals maintaining consistent cook temps throughout, no need to open the doors and lose heat to rotate meats. Allowing you or your kitchen team to focus on all aspects of your business

Ready to Make an Informed Decision?

Our team of barbecue experts is ready to listen to your needs, answer your questions, and help you choose the right equipment to make your barbecue dreams come true. Contact us or visit us using the form and map below.

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