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We’re explorers but we don’t journey alone. Our quest? Sharing good times with others around a fire—be it on a mountainside, at the seaside, or outside our backdoor. We know every good time starts with an invitation, and there’s no better enticement than great-tasting food. And the best food, we believe, is cooked with a flame and kissed by smoke.

Camp Chef is a passionate team of outdoor lovers, makers, and culinary experts committed to bringing five-star flavor to the great outdoors with versatile gear that can stand up to the demands of both the backcountry and back patio foodies. The same vision that reinvented camp cooking thirty years ago guides everything they make today, from camp cook systems to pizza ovens to pellet grills.

Camp Chef is committed to never stop finding ways to help others gather outside because as food fuels our body and nature nourishes our spirit, togetherness sustains our souls.