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MMS1500 H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker


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Our MMS1500 H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is a fantastic option for any enthusiast. Each MMS1500 H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is hand crafted right here in the USA at the award winning Seconn Fabrication in Waterford CT.

We know that turning out great BBQ is just as important as bringing together family and friends, for those life long memories.

So throw on your apron, grab those rubs & sauces, prep your ribs, chicken, pork or brisket. Let the smoke roll and enjoy mouthwatering BBQ… everytime!

Approximate Weight 3800 lbs.
Dimensions without Utilities 85.5″ L x 84.9″ W x 118.8″ H
Cooking Rack Dimensions (24) 18″ x 48″
Cooking Space 144 sq. ft.

Pricing Options
Base Price – Uncertified Stick Burner* $30,000
*Required Options for Certified Rotisserie
Gas Burner pkg w/Omega Temp Controller $1,575
Controls pkg w/ Gas Burner Upgrade* $4,200
Upgrade SS Racks $2,400
Exhaust Fans $1,000
Upgrade to SS Interior* $2,500
Foot Pedal* $300
Log Lighter w/ Timer Control* $1,250

Certified Unit Base Price $31,500
Additional Nickel Chrome Racks $100 ea.
Additional SS Racks $200 ea.

Additional information

Weight 1723.651 lbs
Smoker SpecsStandard OptionsCustom Options

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