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Myron Mixon MMS-72 XC Smoker




MMS-72 XC is ideal for the Pro Pitmaster, caterer, restaurateur, and food vendor. With up to 47 sq. ft. of cooking capacity, it can handle large volumes.

With a Myron Mixon H2O Water Smoker, cook hot and fast, or low and slow. The results are always delicious.

The combination of heat and moisture produces amazing BBQ outcomes: Beautiful bark on brisket, crispy skin on chicken and turkey, and the perfect texture on ribs. No doubt about it, water smoker BBQ enthusiasts know their approach can win both compliments and competitions.

A Myron Mixon H20 water smoker grill takes water smoking up a notch. Myron Mixon’s patented waterpan design and automated water fill system give you the ability to cook fast or slow and still get the moisture content just right. Unmatched heat retention and temperature distribution are even and forgiving, and you don’t have to rotate your proteins. In other words, you’ll go from pit to plate like a seasoned professional.


  • Integral Water Pan
  • Optimal fire chamber position
  • Automated water fill system
  • Military-grade insulation
  • High-capacity shape & size
  • Leveling system (optional)

Additional Information

Weight 2340 lbs
Overall Dimensions


Cooking Racks

3 Standard, 5 Max

Cooking Rack Dimensions


Cooking Capacity (Standard)

6,654 sq. in.

Cooking Capacity (Max)

11,091 sq. in.

Capacity Whole Chicken


Capacity Chicken Wings


Capacity Baby Back Ribs


Capacity St. Louis Ribs


Capacity Boston Butts


Capacity Briskets


Capacity Whole Hogs

250 lbs. (2 ea.)

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