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Smoker & Grill-Website & In Store Pricing

Website and In-Store pricing vary due to the following:

The pricing of our smokers and grills on the website are the prices before shipping.  With an online purchase, the buyer is responsible for all the shipping cost.  Cost varies depending on the destination but on average it can range from   $ 350 to $ 750 per smoker or grill.

Shipping costs have been steadily rising since the inception of our business to the extent that we can not afford to absorb all the shipping and sustain the business. Therefore we are forced to add a small amount to our In-Store sales to help cover some of the cost.

In-Store Fee Adder to Website Pricing for Smoker & Grill Sales

Meadow Creek Grills and Smokers:

Under $ $999 plus $ 75

$ 1,000 to $2,999 plus $ 115

$ 3,000 and over price quote

Custom orders shipped to the store plus full published rate.

In some circumstances, we are able to group a custom order delivery with a store stock delivery.  In this circumstance, the rate would be less then if shipped as a single item which usually is half or less than the full published rate.

Myron Mixon Smokers:

Click Here For Rates

Primo Grills:

Website and In-Store the same.

Broil King:

Website and In-Store the same.


In Stock $200.00 to $ 300.00

If ordered as a single item prevailing rates

PK Grills:

Website and In-Store the same.

GrillBillies Drum Smoker:

Website and In-Store the same.

R&V Works Products:

Plus $ 65.00