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Smokers & Grills Galore!!

    Yes we have been selling smokers and grills like “mad” and we have just replenished our stock this week with a truck load of smokers.   Don’t wait! Come and take a look at these gems. If you want to reserve one just give us a call or stop by. We’ll set you up.

    Great smokers and grills and in GrillBillies style all made in the good old USA.

    Here’s what’s landed!!!!

    Meadow Creek BBQ Equipment

    SQ 36 Direct Flow Offset Smoker

    Want to cook a fantastic brisket or just great barbecue period, this is a smoker that “fits the bill”. Cook like the pros do and serve competition quality barbecue right in your own backyard with the SQ 36.  Ribs, butts, chicken will be cooked to perfection.  You will WOW your guest into BBQ heaven.

    PR 36 & 42

    The PR Series is probably the most versatile smokers in the Meadow Creek BBQ line and the PR 36 makes a great backyard convection smoker.  It will smoke, roast and grill like a champ. Set it and go on about your business. There’s no meat this little gem cannot cook.  Take your “Q” to the next level with this smoker/roaster.

    BBQ 42 Standard, BBQ 42 with Pullout and 10″ Lid & BBQ 26S

    Want to experience the best chicken you EVER had, then the BBQ Series of grills is the one. Moist, tender and juicy chicken is easily achieved with its flipping grate. No need to flip each piece of meat individually, simply turn the the flipping and turn 20 to 40 lbs. of meat in seconds. The BBQ is not limited to chicken. Anything that can fit in the grate is easily grilled. Chicken halves, quarters, wings, steaks etc.  These grills will never cease to amaze you.

    PR 60GT and PR 60G

    These roaster have the same qualities as their smaller brothers but with a couple of exceptions. Its large cooking surface can smoke and roast massive amount of meat. 12 pork butts, 20 racks of baby back ribs, loads of chicken these roasters and smokers make the process a breeze. Start with some charcoal and wood in the beginning of the cook and just easily and simply finish it off with gas. Great smoked food done with ease.

    BX 50 & BX 25 (New for 2016) Smoker

    This is a smoker that transcends all segments of the BBQ industry.  Great for the backyard warrior, caterer, event or competition cook.  This is a beast of a smoker.  13 gauge double walled steel with 1″ heavy duty oven insulation enables this smoker to burn for hours.  Cook up to 21 racks of St. Louis cut ribs, 12 to 16 pork butts, 12 to 16 whole chickens and several briskets.

    270 BBQ Smokers

    270 smokers are made in Lexington, VA by a husband and wife barbecue team.  Its patented chimney design makes for a very unique smoker and one that earns the recognition of a competition grade smoker.


    Sumo Smoker

    The little brother of the 270 line of smokers, this smoker is perfect for the backyard warrior that needs to cook a few butts or ribs.  It doesn’t require hardly any fire management which is the signature of the 270 line.

    Standard Smoker

    The Standard is the leading seller at GrillBillies which makes it perfect for cooking for a significant number of guest covering all your “Q” requirements.  Again, easily set up and throw back and sip your favorite beverage.

    Large Smoker

    With all the same characteristics and as its smaller siblings, the Large 270 is for the competition  Pitmaster and backyard pro who has to smoke a bunch of meat. Easy, simple and effective the Large has all the qualities that make 270s a smoker that requires considering. Join the 270 family!