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Pulled Pork with a Cuban Flair

    “Here’s a twist on the usual pulled pork sandwich.  It may seem a little redundant to add a slice of ham to the pork sandwich but that’s what makes it interesting.  If you don’t have the nerve to serve it up as the meal then try it as an appetizer by using slider rolls.”


    • 4oz. pulled pork per sandwich (follow our recipe for making “Pulled Pork”)
    • 1 slice thick cut smoked ham per sandwich
    • 1 slice provolone cheese per sandwich
    • Sliced dill or sweet pickles
    • Yellow mustard
    • Loaf of Italian bread
    • Slabs Complete Your Meat BBQ Sauce


    1. Place the pulled pork in a bowl and slightly toss with  Slabs BBQ Sauce.
    2. Cut the bread into sandwich size portions and top with the pulled pork
    3. Top the pulled pork with ham, cheese, pickles and yellow mustard.
    4. Place the sandwiches on a preheated grill and brown the bread.