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Pulled BBQ Chicken

    This is a recipe that can be done on any smoker or gas grill.  It is easy, simple and all those that eat it will surely be Wowed.



    1. Inject the chicken with the bird booster thoroughly and evenly in the breast, thighs and legs.
    2. Liberally season the chicken with the above seasoning in order inside and out.  Do not blend or mix, layer one on top of the other.
    3. Place the chicken in a half aluminum foil tin breast side down uncovered.
    4.  Heat your grill or smoker up to 275 to 325 degrees.
    5.  Place the pan on your grill or smoker.
    6. When using a smoker throw in a few pieces of wood chunks like pecan, apple or peach.
    7. On the gas grill use our GrillKickers, a Pellet Pot or chips.
    8. Bring the chicken up to 180 degrees internal temperature in the breast.
    9. There will be a lot of liquid in the pan.
    10. Remove the skin.
    11. Pull all the meat off the chicken and dredge it through the pan and place the meat in a separate bowl.
    12.  Once completely pulled, take the skin and squeeze out the juices and seasoning over the meat and discard.  You can add back some of the liquid as we do if desired.