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Camp Chef 4-Burner Flat Top Grill 600


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The Flat Top Grill 600 with Lid comes with a heavy-duty griddle top, a 4-burner unit body, and a newly added hinged hood (no grill grates like its predecessor.) The lid acts as another protective barrier as well as creates the perfect internal air-temperature cheese melter for smash burgers. Side with a Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and you’ll cook like a pro and avoid hot spots with the help of multiple heat diffusion plates. The even heating surface stays true to the burner temperature control knobs you set. Keep tortillas warming (set to low) on the side, while steak, onions, and peppers caramelize on the other. And, we know every minute cleaning keeps you from enjoying that first bite feel—we addressed the dreaded clean-up process. Keep your griddle surface tidy while you cook by utilizing the built-in trough and grease drain (don’t forget a disposable foil grease cup!) Encourage the grease to drain naturally by raising your griddle ever so slightly.


  • True Seasoned Surface
  • Grease Management
  • Griddle + Leg Levelers
  • Adjustable Heat Control
  • Folding Side Shelf

Additional Information

Overall Dimensions

64" L x 24.5" W x 42" H

Griddle Cooking Dimensions

31.5" x 19.5" (20.5" w/ Grease Through)

Griddle Cooking Surface

604 sq. in.





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