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Meadow Creek BBQ 96



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  • Description:

    The Meadow Creek BBQ 96 is a high production Chicken Cooker. Grilling large volumes of chicken has never been made easier with the BBQ 96 rotating grates. All BBQ Chicken Cookers come with this unique feature.  Flip 120# of chicken in seconds.  No more wasting time flipping each piece individually.  The BBQ Series Chicken Cookers will grill the best chicken you ever had due to its unique configuration.  The fire is well below the 304 food grade stainless steel rotating cooking grate which allows the juices to drop into the charcoal and provides fantastic vaporization adding that real “charcoal taste” that everyone loves.

  • Standard Features:

    • Stainless Grates 304 Food Grade
    • Removable Charcoal Pan
    • 13” Tire
  • Specification:

    Overall Dimensions 37”H x 134”L x 57”W
    Grate Dimensions 30” x 34” Stainless Steel
    Net Weight: 688 lbs.
    Shipping Weight 850 lbs.
    Metal Thickness 13 Gauge
  • Capacity:

  • Chicken Halves 100 people per cook
    Chicken 240# per cook
    Burgers 150-175 per cook


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