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Kings Mountain BBQ Contest

    The 270 BBQ team made a great showing coming in 4th at Kings Mountain, missing RGC by 1 tenderness point.  They took 2nd in brisket, 5th in ribs & chicken.  Good showing and all done on their awarding winning 270 smokers.

    The 270 Smoker line is one heck of a smoker whether your are a competition PitMaster or a backyard Pro.  Fully insulated, even temperature distribution and a patented flue system makes this smoker a definite consideration when looking for a new smoker. Set it and let the 270 do its job and you will be chowing down on some of the best “Q”.

    Visit the 270 crew at their upcoming events in Lexington, Salisbury, Shelby, Asheboro, and Goldsboro NC.  They’re more than happy to talk about their award winning smoker.