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How to WOW up any of your grilled or smoked meats

    To cook the perfect piece of meat is one thing, but to enhance the flavor of the meat is another.

    The barbecue pros will create a flavor profile by a process called “layering”.

    Layering simple means combining 2 to 3 off the shelf seasonings that complement each other.

    Do not mix them together but layer them over each other.

    A basic layering works as follows:

    1st layer (White) a seasoning heavy in salt.  Salt brings out the flavor in the meat and helps with retaining some moisture.

    2nd (Red) a seasoning with a little cayenne or chili but not over powering.  Just a slight “kick”.

    3rd layer (Brown) a seasoning high in brown or white sugar.  It balances the kick and gives great color.

    Example L to R: White, Red, Brown

    So think white, red, brown when coming up with a profile.

    Not all seasonings will work well together.

    It requires experimenting, and also figuring out what your own flavor profile is.

    At GrillBillies, we experiment with the seasonings we sell to create flavor profiles we like.

    Click here to see the combinations we use or rummage through your spice rack and start experimenting.