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How to Reverse Sear your steak

    For decades, it’s been taught that in order to cook delicious steaks or chops, the grill has to be fire hot and then you throw the steak down on the grill and char it to death. This technique is called “direct searing.” The only problem is that with steaks or other meats over one inch thick, you can easily either under or overcook them. We may want the char, but we want to make sure the inside is cooked properly as well.

    Using the “direct sear” technique is very similar to being on a runaway train. It becomes very tricky to adjust the grilling process once you’re going at a fast speed. The “reverse sear” technique is much more controlled.

    How it Works

    You will need to utilize your gas or charcoal grill for indirect cooking. This involves lighting only half of your grill. Place the meat on the unlit side, instead of right in the fire. Close the lid to your grill and make sure to monitor the internal temperature with a digital thermometer (like our Maverick PT-100BBQ, wireless ET-732,  ET 735).

    By lowering the convection heat, you have brought the train to a manageable speed. Once the meat reaches an internal temperature of 120 degrees (medium 135 degrees), crank up the lit side to “mach speed” and sear the steak by flipping it back and forth to develop that nice golden brown look with the delicious char.

    By this time, your internal temperature should be between 130 degrees and 135 degrees (medium 145 degrees), which would make it medium rare. There is no need to let your steak sit; it will only continue to cook from the internal heat. So enjoy it right away!