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How to prevent or rid my smoker or grill of mold

    When the weather starts warming up, and makes for more a comfortable grilling experience, you could be in for a surprised when you open the lid. MOLD!!!

    How do I prevent it and get rid of it?

    Mold is a natural phenomenon in smokers and grills.

    Mold loves moisture and grease.

    It is a function of poor air circulation.

    A cover is always a good bet for preserving the outside of your smoker, but it also hinders air circulation.

    Courtesy Kamado Joe Forum

    So, what to do?

    If you are going to store your smoker for a long period of time, it should be cleaned thoroughly with a degreaser and a plastic scraper to remove any grease that will absorb moisture. When you eliminate the grease, you eliminate the mold.

    If you are cooking frequently, mold will not build up in the smoker, but it is not an excuse for poor cleaning habits.

    After cleaning, make sure all vents are wide open, You can also prop the lid open slightly with a small piece of wood to help air circulation.

    How to rid your smoker of mold:

    1. Discard any charcoal and other porous materials.
    2. Fire it up as hot as possible to burn off all grease and mold. If you try to scrape it off or power wash first you might inhale a lot of spores and have an allergic reaction.
    3. Let it cool and then scrape and scrub every surface with a brush or a pressure washer, including the drip pan and grate(s).
    4. Wash everything down with soapy water. Then rinse thoroughly.
    5. Finally, fire it up one last time to burn off any mold, grease, and soap residue. You’re now ready to cook.
    6. Note: If you have a ceramic grill, your only resort is to remove any excess grease with a plastic scraper and start a hot fire.  NEVER use degreaser or a pressure washer to clean your ceramic.