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How to light a charcoal fire without using lighter fluid

    At GrillBillies, we use these methods:

    • Looftlighter- The Looftlighter is the newest invention on the market for lighting a fire. It is basically a hairdryer on steroids. There is no flame, just hot air along with high velocity of air, and it will light a wood or charcoal fire in about 1.5 minutes. Great for lighting fires in smokers, komodo style grills, and charcoal grills. The limitation is that you need an electrical source; otherwise, it is simple, safe, and quick.
    • Propane Torch- Used by most Pitmasters to light larger fires quickly and easily. The drawback is you have to lug around a propane tank and it isn’t as compact as other methods.
    • Charcoal Chimney- Charcoal chimneys have been around for years and almost anyone that has a charcoal cooker owns one. They are inexpensive and easy to use. You don’t need electricity or a propane tank, just a few sheets of newspaper. The limitation is that it takes several minutes to get the coals going, and in some cases a second chimney may be required to get the fire hot enough.
    • Electric Element- The electric element concept has also been around for a very long time. Powered by electricity, you place the element into the coals and as it heats up, it will light the coals. The limitation is similar to the Looftlighter in that you need an electrical source and it is a slower process.