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Chicken Leg Recipe-Outrageous

    Chicken Leg Recipe

    Purchase Springer Mountain Farms or Smart Chicken legs.

    Pull the skin back on the legs.


    Remove the silver skin on each side of the leg.

    Under one of the silver skin there will be a membrane.

    Remove it.

    The leg will have a natural “bulge” to it.

    Trim the bulge off so the leg is symmetrical.

    Take a half aluminum pan.

    Place one stick of butter and cup of chicken broth in the pan.

    Place the legs in the pan.

    Once the grill or smoker is up temp (300 degrees) place the pan on the grill (use indirect cooking method).

    Do not cover the pan.

    When the legs reach an internal temp of 190 degrees or above remove the pan from the grill.

    Have a warm bowl of Holy Smoke sauce ready.

    Dip the legs into the sauce and place back in the pan (pour off juice and wipe pan out first).

    Put the legs back on the grill for 5 minutes to set the sauce.