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Beef Tenderloin

    This superior cut of meat is usually reserved for a special occasion or a holiday.  Expensive, yes, but when cooked properly you won’t give the cost a second thought. Oh, if you never cooked one, it is one of the easiest meats to cook.  Cook it in the oven, grill or smoker.  Either way, it will provide a great dining experience.

    You can purchase a tenderloin at any butcher, Sam’s or Costco.



    Serves: 6-8

    Cooking temperature: 300 to 400 degrees.

    Approximate cooking time: 1.5 hours (though check at the 1 hr. mark)

    Note: If you are on a gas or charcoal grill use the indirect cooking method.


    Remove all fat and silver skin

    Apply a light coat of vegetable oil (to help the seasonings to adhere)

    Apply a good coat of Obie Cue’s Double Garlic Pepper.

    Fold the tapered end back onto itself to approximately equal the diameter of the rest of the loin.  If needed, tie it place with butcher twine.

    Make sure your cooking grate is cleaned well.


    1. Bring your smoker, charcoal, or gas grill up to temp.
    2. If smoking add some wood, chunks or on a gas grill some pellets wrapped in foil.
    3. Bring the internal temperature to 128 degrees (for medium rare in the center).
    4. Remove from the grill cover with foil and let rest for 15 minutes.  During the resting the carry-over heat will bring the internal temp to 135 degrees.