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Why You Should Switch to Digital Meat Thermometers

    Digital meat thermometers are the newer version of their dial counterparts. It is very important that you use a meat thermometer that works. You want to make sure your meat is well cooked and that no one will get sick from the meal.

    An estimate from the US Center for Disease Control states that about one in six Americans get sick from food borne illnesses each year. This statistic alone is enough motivation to get a better working thermometer!

    There are a couple of reasons to switch over to digital meat thermometers. The first is that digital thermometers will give you the temperature quicker. This could possibly make the difference in burning your food or leaving it in to cook just a little too long.

    If you are grilling, you want your food to be flavorful as well as safe. Many thermometers on the grill that are bimetal do not give an accurate reading. Many grillers have found that with digital thermometers, the reading on their grills were off as much as 75 degrees! It is imperative to invest in a good digital thermometer to create the best food.

    The color of the meat is not always the best indicator of how cooked meat is, or that the bacteria are completely gone. When testing the temperature of the meat, make sure you are inserting into the middle of whatever you are cooking. This will give you a better idea of how cooked the middle is so that you know the whole piece of meat is properly cooked.

    Don’t leave it to chance, make sure you invest in a digital thermometer today!