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The Importance of Salt in Grilling and Smoking

    For many years salt has been getting a lot of bad press. Just as with anything else, an over indulgence in the use of salt can cause health problems. Some of these causes can be due to the fast pace we live and the tendency to eating fast and processed foods. Not to put down processed or fast food but they tend to be higher in salt content compared to meals you cook at home.

    So why is salt important? When it comes to our bodies’ salt is a necessity. Our bodies do not make it therefore we cannot live without it. Salt is important to properly functioning muscles and a healthy nervous system. It also aids in balancing our body fluids.

    When it comes to cooking, salt is the most important seasoning one can use above all. It enhances the flavor of just about any meal. When it comes to grilling and smoking , salt penetrates the meat holding in moisture. It is also a natural tenderizer. It helps balance sweetness and bitterness. You will see many different salts on the store shelves but when it comes down to it all salt is from the sea whether it says it or not.

    So when we are grilling how do we best use salt? At GrillBillies we believe when using our layering techniques it is better to make salt our first layer. To get a broader flavor profile we use seasoning that have a higher salt content. We get the important benefits of salt in addition to flavor from the other spices. Take chicken or turkey. When salt or a higher salt seasoning is applied two things will happen. Salt will pull some of the moisture out the skin while penetrating the meat. Salt drying the skin gives you a better chance of having crispy skin and it’s penetration into the meat aids in moisture retention.

    When used in moderation with our grilling or smoking salt plays a big part in “upping your Q”.