Meadow Creek TS120 Custom Trailer

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Lenght: 180″
Wheel Base: 57″
Weight: 1,250 Lbs.
1- Meadow Creek TS 120 Tank Smoker
1-Meadow Creek BBQ 42 Chicken Cookers
1-Wood Box

Approximate Price $ 7,990.00

This trailer was built actually for cooking at a vacation home.  It was bought by a woman who gave it to her husband as a Christmas gift.  Boy, you can’t get much better than that!!  This trailer sports a TS 120 Reverse Flow Smoker with plenty of room to cook for 100+ guests.  The TS 120 comes standard with a warming box that sits over the firebox helping to keep cooked meats within the safe zone.  The BBQ 42 with its unique flipping grate can handle 60 to 80 thighs plus steaks, sausage, wings anything that can fit in the flipping grate