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Meadow Creek CD 108G



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    • Description

      The Meadow Creek CD 108G is the gas version of the CD 108. The PR 60 has a gas burner while the BBQ 42 is still a charcoal fired griller. If you add the optional Charcoal/wood combo insert to the PR 60G, you can cook with charcoal and wood for about 1.5 hours then simply turn on the gas to finish cooking.

    • Standard Features:

      • Stainless Grates
      • Wheel Jack
      • Highway Wheels
      • 2” Ball Hitch
      • Tubular Frame
      • Trailer Lights, 4 Prong Flat
      • Specification:

    • Overall Dimensions 47”H x 148”L x 54”W
      PR Grate Dimensions 24” x 58”, Mesh ¾” x 13” S.S. Expanded metal
      BBQ Grate Dimensions 22” x 40”, Mesh 1 ½” x 13 S.S. Expanded metal
      Net Weight: 800 lbs.
      Shipping Weight 1000 lbs.
      Metal Thickness 13 Gauge


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