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Kielbasa Sandwich GrillBillies’ Style

    “Now here’s a sandwich for lunch time to feed those “groupies” who are hanging around your smoker when you cooking the briskets and butts.  Here at GrillBillies we love cooking kielbasa and sausage on the smoker just as a snack during those long cooks.  This recipe works equally well if cooked on a gas or charcoal grill.”


    • 1 lb. ring smoked polish kielbasa
    • ¼ cup yellow mustard
    • ½ cup  banana peppers
    • 1 medium size cucumber
    • ½ cup of sour kraut
    • 4 chibata bread rolls
    • 2 oz. Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Dust


    1. Place the Kielbasa on the smoker or grill and bring the internal temperature up to 170 degrees.
    2. If the ciabatta rolls are thick remove some of inside.
    3. Heat up the sour kraut.
    4. Thinly slice the cucumber.
    5. Remove the kielbasa from the smoker and cross slice and place on the rolls.
    6. Spread yellow mustard and top with the banana pepper, cucumbers and sour kraut.
    7. Season with Dizzy Pig’s Raging River or Obie-Cue’s celebration.

    Serves 4.