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Individual Bacon Wrapped Pork Butt (Pork Bomb)

    There’s nothing like bacon to take a dish and push it over the top.  That’s exactly what happens with this pork bomb.  Pork can be easily dried out if not cooked right.  The thin cut bacon in this recipe helps to insulate the pork and at the same time adds great flavor.  This recipe is for individual pork butts.  Another words, each guest will get their very own pork butt.  You’ll buy a large pork butt and cut it down into individual servings.  Figure 9 to 10 ozs of uncooked pork per person.  This will yield about around 6-7 ozs of cooked pork.



    Cooking temperature 300 degrees.

    Approximate cooking time: 1.5 hours (though check at the 1 hr. mark)

    Note: If you are on a gas or charcoal grill use the indirect cooking method.


    Remove all fat and silver skin from the butt.

    Cut the butt into serving sizes.  Out of a 9# butt you will get any where from 7 to 10 pieces.  7 pieces will be large and for some way too much meat.  Also with 7 pieces you will need about 8 pieces of bacon so you be the judge of how big the portions should be.

    (These were very large and I didn’t cut up the entire butt)

    Mix Butcher Pork Injection in accordance with label instructions and inject each piece with about 1 oz. of injection.  Distribute it evenly in the meat.

    Apply a light coat of Obie Cue’s Double Garlic Pepper.

    Apply a good coat of Eat’s Zero to Hero.

    Place the bacon on a piece of wax paper.

    Wrap the bacon in a weave pattern around each serving and add a light coat of Zero to Hero to the top of the bacon.

    If possible, allow the sectioned pork butt sit in the fridge overnight.


    1. Bring your smoker, charcoal, or gas grill up to 300 degrees.

    2. If smoking add some wood chunks or on a gas grill some pellets wrapped in foil.

    3. Remove the butts from the fridge and place on the smoker/grill.

    4. Bring the internal temperature of 160 degrees or higher.

    5. When the desired temp is reached, apply a medium coat of Blues Hog Original BBQ sauce and leave in the cooker 7 mins. to set the sauce.

    6. Remove the individual butts from the cooker and again brush on a light coat of Blues Hog Original BBQ sauce for added appearance and serve.