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How to cook on a BBQ 42

    Your BBQ 42 will cook some of the juiciest, moist and tender chicken you ever had. But, the BBQ 42 is not limited to just chicken, it will equally cook chops, steaks, wings etc., anything that will fit in the “clamping rotating grate”.

    Want a big direct cooking grill for dogs and burgers then just pull up the charcoal pan to midway on the BBQ 42, hang up the top half of the grate and you have a large charcoal grill.

    Here’s how to cook on the BBQ42

    Remove the grate.

    Load enough charcoal in the cooker to have one layer of briquettes touching each other.

    Briquettes provide an even heat over lump.

    Then spread a few more coals lightly and evenly over the first layer.

    Rake the coals into a pile in the center and light with a torch or chimney.

    Allow the coals to burn for about 30 mins. or until you noticed they are well lit.

    Spread the coals evenly across the bottom making certain that the sides have coals.

    Re-install the grate and spray the inner part of the grate with vegetable oil.

    Load the grate with chicken. Start from the center and work towards the sides.

    You should get about 40 lbs. of chicken on a full grate.

    Season the chicken right on the grate.

    Clamp the grate.

    Don’t leave the 42 unattended. It cooks very hot!

    You will have to turn the grate every 1 ½ mins. or as needed.

    You have a choice to cook with the lid up or down.

    Lid down will give you a little more smoke and lessen the cook time.

    Cook time will be somewhere between 45 to 50 mins. or when the internal temperature of the chicken reaches between 170 to 180.

    Flare ups

    It’s best to trim your chicken as you would any other meat removing fat.

    Fat isn’t necessary to achieve juicy, moist chicken.

    If the 42 flares up close the bottom vents and close the lid. Starving the 42 of air will stop the flare up. DO NO CLOSE THE VENTS ON THE HOOD. KEEP THEM FULL OPEN AT ALL TIMES.

    Lard Have Mercy!