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Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warrior Project

Joe and Sherry Pino, founders of GrillBillies, have been a supporter for the Wounded Warrior Project(WWP)for a number of years through their prior company Diamondhead Construction & Maintenance Corp. They carried that support with them to GrillBillies Barbecue.

Prior to their commitment to the WWP they supported Operation AC and Adopt a Soldier programs but found that WWP was more in line with their interest. GrillBillies has hosted 4 events in their 12 months in business and in lieu of taking payment for their barbecue they accepted donations to the WWP. GrillBillies matched all donations.

GrillBillies Barbecue is dictated to supporting these true Americans who have served this great country and have made extraordinary sacrifices. We hope that you feel same and will lend your support. Just click the banner at the top of the page to visit the WWP website.