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Steaks-One’s That Won’t Break The Bank

Most of us love steaks but who can eat ribeyes at $ 12.99 # on a regular basis without feeling financial pain.  Producers realize this and are becoming more creative offering cuts that are more affordable and quite tasty.  Here are two that we recommend.

Denver Steaks

  • Also known as Denver Chuck Steak, Under Blade Steak
  • Deep cut from the Primal Chuck (shoulder clod)
  • Cut from under the shoulder blade
  • Well marbled
  • Tender and full of beefy flavor
  • Cook direct at high heat,3 minutes per side
  • Avoid overcooking, cook to medium rare 130-135.
  • Cut cross grain

Flap Meat

  • Also known as Sirloin Tips
  • Cut from the bottom sirloin
  • Very thin
  • Marinating works well—30 mins. to 1 hour
  • Can cut into 1” strips prior to marinating
  • Tender and full of beefy flavor
  • Cooks in few minutes on a high heat grill
Here Are Some Things To Know


Marbling is defined as the striated fat that is visible in between the muscle fiber.  The more marbling the better the grade, flavor and texture.



Meat that crosses State lines will be USDA graded.  The inspector looks at the color of the meat, grain and fat content. 

 The only ones that are important to us are the following:

  • Select-Avoid! Tough, lacks flavor and is best ground up. It has very little marbling.
  • Choice-The most common to all of us. Has decent flavor, nice marbling and fairly tender. 
  • Choice-Certified Angus Beef (CAB)-This is not a USDA grade but an industry standard. Slightly better than choice. These cows have been raised with a little more attention and identified by their black color.P
  • Prime-Great flavor, heavy marbling and tender buttery chew. Pricey so, not your everyday grade but great for that special occasion.
  • Wagyu-Is the American equivalent to Japanese Kobe beef. It is the ultimate grade and the most expensive. A Wagyu steak can cost up to $45.00 per pound.  When you eat one of these steaks hard to go back to the Choice grade, so it is set aside for a very special occasion. Wagyu beef is heavily marbled and extremely flavorful and tender.

 Grass Fed, Organic & Natural

  • Many years ago, all cattle were grass fed. Older consumers may feel that grass-fed is better flavor as the younger generation that has been raised on corn-fed and may find it tastier.
  • Today, even if cattle is grass fed it will most likely be finished on corn to fatten them up.
  • Corn feeding is a result of meeting the high demand and producing fattier beef. 
  • Organically raised cattle have to meet strict USDA standards.