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Smoked Some Ribs on My Gas Grill

Even though we have multiple smokers to cook on there are just times when it is easier to cook on a gas grill.  To the purist out there it may seem sacrilegious.  Sorry, don’t think less of us.  We’re still trying to make some great “Q” regardless.
The process is the same as our smoker recipe but with a few changes:
On your gas grill you need to cook indirect.
You need a source for smoke.  In this cook we used a BBQr’s Delight Pellet Pot with BBQr’s Delight Sugar Maple Pellets (purchase in the store).  The pellet pot needs to be on or near a burner.
Bring the grill temp up to around 300.
We seasoned the ribs for this recipe with:
1st layer coarse Himalayan salt (purchase in the store)
2nd layer Meat Church Honey Hot
3rd layer Meact Church Deez Nuts (purchase in the store)

1:1 Blues Hog Smokey Mountain and Head Country Sauce.
At the end of the cook sauce and put back on the grill for 7 minutes.

 Sauced and put back on the grill

After the ribs were put back on the grill for 7 minutes