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TS 250 Custom Trailer with Roof System


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Length: 144″
Wheel Base: 94″
Weight: 3,200 lbs.
1- Meadow Creek TS 250 Tank Smoker
2-Meadow Creek BBQ 42 Chicken Cookers
1-6′ Roof System

Approximate Price $ 22,000

We started with a TS 250 Tank Smoker to meet the customer’s need of a reverse flow offset smoker that could cook a large quantity and a verity of larger cuts of meat such as ribs, butts and briskets as well as a whole pig. A second requirement was to be able to cook smaller cuts like chicken legs, thighs and wings and due to the significant number of requests for his BBQ chicken we added two BBQ 42 cookers to meet that demand. The 6’ roof system was selected to conform to the customers local health codes and is hydraulic assisted for easy operation. The finished product was this trailer, that not only met the customers cooking requirements along with an efficient set up for work flow but also gave them a beautiful rig with a wow factor to draw in his customers.