Meadow Creek TS250 Custom Trailer Sink

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Length: 252″
Wheel Base: 94″
Weight: 2,200 Lbs.
1- Meadow Creek TS 250 Tank Smoker
1-Meadow Creek BBQ 42 Chicken Cookers
1-3 Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

Approximate Price $ 18,900.00

This customer does street vending and catering so he had a couple of needs.  He needed plenty of room to cook butts and ribs. The TS 250 met that requirement.  The BBQ 42 was perfect for grilling his wings, thighs, chicken halves etc.  The sink was a health code requirement.  The 304 stainless steel sink as the ability to produce hot water either with propane or electric and has fresh water and gray water tanks.   Due to the weight we added a tandem axle with brakes for safety.