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FREE Demo-Pork Belly Burnt Ends Jan. 9th, 2021


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Pork Belly Burnt Ends

January 9, 2021


36 N. Pine St.

10 AM to 11:15 AM

“Registration Required”

If you have barbecued or grilled enough you probably heard of brisket burnt ends.  Those sweet nuggets of joy. There is no way to eat just one.

Well, here’s a cheaper and much easier way to get the same results in less time!  Pork belly burnt ends.  Yep, the bacon of the pig.  Everyone loves bacon, right?  You are going to love these morsels of delicacy, like eating candy.  Even if you are not interested in making them on a grill, smoker or in the oven, join us for a taste and see what you think.  It is a great recipe to add to your backyard culinary menu!  Guaranteed, your guest will love them and love you!!

Serve as an appetizer



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