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Class Cancellation Policy

Customer Cancellations

To cancel, call one of our representatives. (Grillbillies does not honor voicemail, email, or text cancellations.) To receive a full refund you must cancel 7 days ahead of instructional classes and 14 days ahead of Celebrity or Hands-On classesWe will refund cancellations on shorter notice only if we fill your seat.

Your refund will be issued to the payment method you registered with.

GrillBillies Cancellations

From time to time, we may cancel a class for reasons such as low enrollment, emergenciesbad weather, pandemics, etc. If we cancel, we will issue a refund to the payment method you registered with. We will notify you of the cancellation using the phone number and email you provided at registration.


No-shows will not receive refunds.

Food Allergies

The customer is responsible to ascertain their sensitivities to any ingredients used during a class.