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What To Look For When Buying A Good Gas Grill

When we were doing our due diligence for opening GrillBillies Barbecue Supply, we reviewed most of the gas grills on the market which proved to be a confusing task.  If it is confusing to us avid grillers, it must be that much more confusing to the homeowner.  Below are some basics to consider when purchasing your next gas grill.

Gas Valves

A quality gas valve is one that will work properly on any setting and especially on low eliminating “flame out”.

By the same token, when turned on high it should get blistering hot.

Manufacturers of lower quality grills will usually “skimp” on these.


Unfortunately, price dictates the longevity of the cookbox.

The cookbox is usually the first thing to go on less expensive grills.

Now, you may think you got “ripped off” when you bought your last grill but in most cases you pay for what you get.

Better quality cookboxes are made of cast aluminum, stainless steel or heavy duty porcelain coated steel.

A better quality cookbox can extend the life of a grill 5 to 10 years.

Some are warrantied for the life of the grill.

Another thing to look for is a deep cookbox.

It helps to eliminate flare ups and makes for better heat retention.


Less expensive grills usually have thinned walled burners that are subject to corroding quickly.

Also, they may burn unevenly lacking uniform heat distribution in the cookbox.

Better burners are made of stainless steel, cast stainless, thick steel or cast iron.

Side ports on the burners avoid fat and juices from clogging them.

Flavor Plates/Bars

Plates covering the burners play an important part in creating better results by capturing more of the juices rather than having most fall to the bottom of the grill and requiring more frequent cleaning.

Capturing most of the juices on the plates/bars creates vaporization of the juices and adds flavor back to the meat.

Price Points

Usually a good quality 4 burner gas grill will be $450 and up.

From there price is determined by the size of the grill, accessories, how “flashy” it is etc.


Manufacturer warranties are an indication that the product has been built to last and last as long or longer than stated.

Look for warranties that apply to the burners, cookbox, gas valves and pedestal/stand.

Less expensive grills will not come with any meaningful warranty.


Select a knowledgeable dealer.

One that just doesn’t sell grills but also cooks on the grills he sells.

The better the dealer knows his product the better he can fulfill your needs.

“The best relationships are those that are based on trust and integrity”