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What The “Duck” Went On At GrillBillies

Well, we got all “ducked” up last evening at GrillBillies.  Just on a whim we felt like cooking something on a spit. Roasting meat on a spit brings out primal instincts and beer.

We have done pigs, chickens, turkeys…..what about ducks? We bought six 3.5 to 4.0# ducks and injected them with Butcher Bird Booster.  We seasoned 4 of them with 3 Eyz BBQ Seasoning topped with Smokin’ Guns Sweet Heat.  The other two were seasoned with Primo Chicken Tickler.

We dragged out a 6′ spit, mounted the ducks and started a wood and charcoal fire.  2.5 hours later eleven of us dined to a super duck dinner.  Absolutely delicious!!