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Primo-3 Reasons It Beats Other Ceramic Grills

Why Buy Any Other Ceramic Grill Other Than A Primo?

Here’s Why:

1-Primo Is The Only Creamic Grill Made In The USA

Primo is manufactured in Tucker, GA.

All blending, modling, drying, firing and inspection are all done in the Tucker plant.


2-Primo Is The Only Ceramic Grill With The Patented Oval Design

The oval design allows you to do two zone cooking simultaneously, smoking while grilling.

The oval design allows for cooking more food than on a traditional round ceramic.  For instance, smoke 9 racks of ribs on a Primo XL vs. 3 to 4 on a traditional round ceramic.

3-Primo Offers The Best Warranty In The Business.

Primo is the only grill company that backs its Limited Lifetime Warranty with a 20-Year Guaranty.


1-American Made

2-Amazing Flavor

3-Ceramic Beats Metal Anyday

4-Four Cookers In One

5-Organic Heat Source

6-Lights Quickly & Easily

7-Low Maintenance & Self Cleaning

8-Exceptional Temperature Control

9-Best Value In the Long Run

10-Best In Category Lifetime Warranty

“Why Buy Anything Else”