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Reasons to Invest in a Broil King Grill

When we were doing our due diligence for opening GrillBillies Barbecue Supply, we reviewed most of the gas grills on the market and upon each review we seemed to come back to the Broil King line.  As avid grillers for many years there were certain criteria that a gas grill had to satisfy before we could entertain offering it in our store.  

The criteria is as follows:

Made of Premium Quality Materials

  • The coated surfaces are a triple coated rust protection epoxy system.
  • The stainless steel components are given a brushed finish to maintain the oxide layer and preserve the corrosion resistant properties of the steel.
  • Resin components such as knobs, shelves etc. are manufactured using UV stabilized compounds.

Made in the USA or North America

  • Broil King grills are made either in Indiana or Canada.

Exceptional Burner Performance and Life

  • Broil King’s patented Dual Burners (tube in tube) provides even heat distribution eliminating hot and cold spots in the cookbox.
  • Broil King’s burners are made of 430 stainless steel which is very efficient at handling the thermal cycling of a gas burner.
  • All burners are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel for long life performance and warranted for 10 years.
  • Burner ports are located on the two sides of the burner to eliminate clogging from fats and juices.

Gas Valves

  • The micro setting gas valves eliminate “flame out”.
  • Broil King gas valves are of the highest quality allowing you to cook “low and slow” or superhot for searing and grilling.


  • A selection of cookboxes gives you choices based on longevity and performance.
  • Broil King’s basic models come with a heavy duty porcelain coated cookbox.
  • Broil King’s mid to higher priced grills come with either stainless steel or cast aluminum cookboxes which are highly resistant to corrosion.
  • All Broil King cookboxes are thick and deep to provide heat retention and eliminate flare ups.

Flav-R-Wave Plates

  • Broil King’s Flav-R-Wave plates cover the burners to capture the juices dripping from the meat and vaporizing them in an attempt to replicate the vaporization of charcoal.
  • The Flav-R-Wave plates also help to minimize the amount of fat and juices that drip into the cookbox making clean up easy and prevent corrosion.

Price Points

  • Broil King has done a great job of keeping their premium grills affordable.
  • No matter the price point, you still get all the same great Broil King components and features.

The Broil King/GrillBillies partnership will assure that you have a positive and enjoyable grilling experience.

Why Buy From GrillBillies?


  • Owned and operated by a competition pitmaster.
  • Unlike a clerk at a box store, our staff are grilling experts with years of experience.
  • We cook on every piece of equipment we sell.


  • Our expert advice is always free from the simplest question to a complicated recipe.
  • You can call our pitmaster directly on his cell phone for any of your grilling questions any time.


  • When you purchase from GrillBilllies, you can be assured the products we offer have met our stringent requirements to occupy floor space in our store.


  • We are passionate about barbecue and the products we offer.

The best relationships are those that are based on trust and integrity.