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BBQ Tips

BBQ TIP #8: Backwards Thinking

To cook that perfect steak try the reverse sear method.

BBQ TIP #19: Loose the Fat

On large cuts of meat always remove the fat cap so the seasonings come in contact with the meat.

BBQ TIP #29: Light White and Blue

The best smoke to cook with is a light white blue color. Gray or heavy white is NO GOOD.

BBQ TIP #42: Time is on your side

Season meats prior to cooking and if possible allow them to sit in the fridge for an hour to overnight.

BBQ TIP #57: Don’t Rest Now

When cooking a steak don’t let it rest. Eat it. The carryover heat can make a medium rare steak medium.

BBQ TIP #63: The Smoke Screen

Do not rely on lid thermometers on smokers or grills. They can be off by 50 degrees. Buy a good digital thermometer.

BBQ TIP #73: Wholly Brisket

When buying briskets order the whole brisket (10 lbs and up) and buy USDA Choice and above.

BBQ TIP #76: A seasoned Cook

Use seasoned wood only when smoking.

BBQ TIP #99: Fill er’ UP

When cooking pork butts or briskets, injecting can improve the true meat flavor and help retain moisture.

BBQ TIP #109: Kibbles & Bits

Cold smoke smaller cuts of meat prior to cooking.

BBQ TIP #111: Even Keel

If you are having trouble keeping your heat low in a smoker or a grill, try filling a large foil pan with water and place it in the cooking chamber. Water is a great absorber of heat and should help moderate the temperature.

BBQ TIP #120: Healthy Grillz

Clean your grill or smoker very well if it is going to be stored for a prolong period to prevent mold.

BBQ TIP #138: Dried Out

Do not wet your wood prior to smoking.

BBQ TIP #144: The Introduction

You can smoke larger cuts of meat on a gas grill provided you use the two zone cooking method and introduce smoke.

BBQ TIP #147: Be Cool

For maximum smoke, make sure your meat is cold before putting on the smoker.

BBQ TIP #162: Spritz It Up

Spritzing and basting meats will increase the smoke ring by cooling the meat surface and allowing nitric oxide and carbon monoxide to penetrate the surface.

BBQ TIP #179: Cooler Time

Putting butts and briskets in a cooler for a few hours stuffed with beach towels or newspaper will help produce a tender and moist product.

BBQ TIP #183: Juicy Juicy

Save the juice that develops in the foil wrap when cooking a large piece of meat. If need be it can be used to re-hydrate the meat if it is dry.

BBQ TIP #201: Lather Up

By lathering oil or yellow mustard on meats that are cooked low and slow prior to putting on the grill or smoker will help the seasoning to adhere to the surface.

BBQ TIP #224: Cool Injections

Do not inject warm liquid into cold meat.