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Hot Wing Challenge – July 9, 2022


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Hot Wing Challenge

Do you think you can eat the hottest wings out there? Then REGISTER HERE for Grillbillies first ever how wing eating challenge. We will be eating boneless wings starting as just a little warm and leading up to a lot hot. From Tabasco wings up to Carolina Reaper wings.

Each participant will get up to 10 boneless wings. Rules will be announced at the time of the contest. Participants can quit at any time. If anyone makes it past #10, then we have a tiebreaker idea that we are not sharing.

We are limiting to 20 participants and it is $20 to join. We will be paying out the top 5 finishers.

1st Place – $200

2nd Place – $150

3rd Place – $75

4th Place – $50

5th Place – $25

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