Hands-On Pork Class – November 6, 2021


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GrillBillies is a destination for barbecue enthusiasts and professionals where both beginners and world-renowned champions hang out to share their stories and learn from each other. Our staff loves talking barbecue and helping each customer choose the best cooker or supplies for their situation. Whether you are a backyarder, caterer, or competitor, we have something for you.
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Have you spent hours cooking pork butts in the past only to find it to be dry, tough, or lacking flavor?  Then this class is for you!


Kevin Kopec, Pitmaster at Grillbillies BBQ, will teach you the processes of how to consistently cook a tender pork butt with mouth-watering flavor.  This class is “HAND ON”.  You will get your own pork butt to trim, inject, season, and take home to cook on your smoker or grill.  We will also touch on some of the techniques used by competition Pitmasters to elevate your skills to the next level.


What Your Will Learn


Anatomy of a pork butt

How to select meat at the store



Building flavor with seasoning and sauce combinations

Planning your cook

Cooking processes for different types of grills and smokers


Common mistakes

Some competition techniques to help make you the talk of your neighborhood!