Drum Smokers


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The drum smoker is making a resurgence in the Pro BBQ circuit and in the backyard. They are affordable and cook quite a bit of food and really good “Q” without a lot of fuss. Fire it up, add some chunks of wood, get your temp set and it will burn for 8 hours. Simple and easy.

Our drums have a heavy-duty fire basket with an ashtray attached so no fire is against the sides or the bottom protecting the paint job and eliminating rotting out the barrel. Clean up is also easy. Just lift the basket and the ashtray out of the barrel and dump the ashes. No need to reach down into the barrel. Want to start smoking “without breaking the bank” this is an option to think about.


  • Barrel Measures 23.5″ wide x 34.75 high
  • Two Cooking Grates
  • Thermometer
  • Chimney
  • Charcoal/Wood Basket with Handle and Attached Ash Tray
  • Deflector Plate
  • Three Vents