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Meadow Creek BX 25

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    • Description

      If you want to smoke like the Big Pros in the backyard then the BX 25 may just be the choice.  Ideal for cooking all these competition meats such as chicken, pork, ribs and briskets and cook just them like the Backyard Pro you are.  It is fully insulated so you can cook in any weather and maintain consistent temperatures.  Even though smaller then its big brother the BX 50 there is no compromising when it comes to smoking a fabulous meal.  Its “beefy” looks compliments any backyard kitchen.  Since it is built to commercial quality standards it will give you many years of fantastic service.

    • Standard Features:

      • Stainless Grates
      • Positive Lock Latches
      • Ash Slide Out Tray
      • Built in Water Pan
      • Built In Guru Adapter
      • Slide Out Grease Pan
      • All Stainless Steel Handles
      • Micro Set Slide Vents
      • Gravity Feed Water Supply
    • Specification:

      Overall Dimensions 55”H x 36”L x30”W
      Grate Dimensions 11.5” x 17.5″ x 3 Stainless Steel
      Net Weight: 325 lbs.
      Shipping Weight 425 lbs.
      Metal Thickness 13 Gauge

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